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Amazing Love is a great thing to find.  You scored very comfortably on the relationship scale.

Your scores show that you have a strong relationship with good connection but might find yourself feeling alone of disconnected from time to time. You are the exact type of couple who benefit from the Fast Start Relationship Rejuvenation course. 3 dedicated days to spingboarding your marraige to new levels of connection. It is a sure way to make certain you A.R.E. there for each other.

Regardless of what we see on the surface, every couple struggles from time to time. Marriages Worth Millions Weekends are a great way to experience the power of a community dedicated to a lifelong committed relationship.
Our suggestion is that you get a copy of the Marriages Worth Millions book and DVD package. With it you will receive a 30 minute consultation with either Brett or Gina.
You would also likely really enjoy the Love Connection 101 course to jumpstart your relationship and prepare you for the Fast Start and Weekend experiences. You can get scheduled for next Marriages Worth Millions Weekend at that link.
Here is the link to the promised audio file.
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