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Fortunes and Families is the podcast for entrepreneurs who want to have success in both the boardroom and the bedroom.

Brett and Gina Judd tackle the hard topics of love, relationships, marriage, personal barriers, and entrepreneurial success.  You can actually have it all.

Fortunes and Families not only teaches the entrepreneur the skills and attunement that make a flourishing and rewarding marriage, but how to leverage to win prospects, retain customers, and empower employees and ensure a vibrant and profitable business.

Barriers and Breakthoughs hosted by Brett, is all about personal development and barrier breaking.  Whether you are already making millions, or just dreaming of it, we can all benefit from a few personal break throughs.  

Latest Couples Episode.


Barriers and Break Throughs Episode


Want to be on the show?   We love guest interviews and talking to successful and motivated entrepreneurs.  Getting on the show is easy.  Just complete the form below and we will contact you with details and information you need.


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