Fortunes and Families.  Interesting idea.  What if there was a way to increase ROI in the boardroom AND the bedroom? There is!      

Brett and Gina Judd have navigated marriage and entrepreneurial chaos for over 25 years. Fortunes and families are not impossible when you understand the tools required to make them both thrive. The best part - the tools that make a thriving marriage are the same for a vibrant and active business.  The Love Entrepreneurs will teach you the vital skills needed to maximise the important relationships that will Make a Marriage Worth Millions.  Are you ready? 

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We Chose The Path Of Greatest Resistance!
We get it.  As an entrepreneurial couple, Gina and I understand what it is that pulls the relationship downward.  We go through it weekly - sometimes daily... Read The Rest Of The Story



"We Move Toward and Become Like That Which We Think About Most"
Entrepreneurs thrive on the accolades lavished on them by partners and customers.  We greatly enjoy walking out of the bank having just deposited a healthy commission check.  These accolades alone can be intoxicating and addicting.  But more than that they are alluring and enticing, pulling our devotions and attention away from the home and our commitments to spouse and family... Find Out More



Entrepreneurs – You can’t live with them. You can’t live without them – or their mistress.
As a whole, entrepreneurs make terrible partners in relationships.  Not only does the entrepreneur make relationship difficult with constant scheming and dreaming, the demands of running a start up can be devastating to a marriage and family... Read More



The Love Note Project
The Love Note Project challenges you to express your love story in six compelling words. Capture the essence of, express, share, and affirm the most complex emotion of them all--love. Together, we can make The Love Note Project a place where... Check it out!



Is your marriage where you want it to be? Do you have the fun and connection you have always desired from your partner?  

If NO!  We have the solutions....

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Fortunes and Families: Making a Marriage Worth Millions is a must have book for any entrepreneur desireing to make their marriage last for a lifetime.  

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Welcome Entrepreneurs and Professionals!!  You have found the only training course and resource site dedicated to your success in love and business.
Brett and Gina Judd, Licensed Therapists and Success Coaches, will skillfully guide you through the tumults of navigating both business and love.  Grow your love and the business will follow.
Dating for Success

No divorce cake-crop

"Putting an end to
Entrpereneurial Divorce"

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