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3 crucial factors when choosing to engage during a dispute.
3 Crucial Factors When Choosing To Engage During A Dispute. Perhaps no more vulnerable time exists than when we are in a disagreements with our spouse and the matter must be discussed.  I dare not say resolved because some things are not resolvable that quickly.   The old notion of "Never Go To Bed Angry" needs to be put to bed.  There are some matters that a little sleep can actually help and the clearer your mind, the better you will work to find resolution.  Let ... Read more...
Does it take this much work to stay in love?
35 Secrets To A Happy Marriage - 35??? Devide that by 6+ As anyone who has been in a committed relationship can attest, it take hard work.  Focus and attention to your partner. It is not easy and there are some days that you will sit back and wonder "why did I sign up for this".  For that reason we liked the linked article and post we found at  We also find that sometimes we over think things and when we get back to the basics, we can really succeed.  & Read more...
Is Looking Cheating? It can be. Know the signs.
Is Looking Cheating? That question has raised serious contention in some conversations.  Very simply, we would say, it depends.  No that is not a cop-out or middle of the road non answer.  Let me explain.  We Move Toward That Which We Think About Most - Nightingale. If you have read any of my work you will know that I am a very strong believer in this quote from Earl Nightingale.  It is difficult - impossible - to look one way and walk another without soon crashing into something Read more...
The Lost Art of Affection
The Lost Art of Affection and the Sexualizing of Sex Please bear with me as this is a long post.  It is impossible to cover the subject in a 7 second sound bite.   If you seriously want to improve your relationship it is worth it to you to read the entire post.    A recent private message on Facebook and left me reeling from disgust. Not from the person who reached out bu Read more...
5 tips to changing your marriage today
5 tools that can change your marriage for a lifetime Let's be real honest! How many of you actually got married thinking this was a short term commitment and had the divorce all planned out. Crazy right? But how many of us all have come out of the infatuation and honeymoon phase and not continued to romance your spouse.  It is easy to do.  Work, school, kids, routine - it all adds up to a terrible combination of disconnection.  Even the best couples have moments when they lose sight of Read more...


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