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Freedom Founders - Gina and I welcome you to the Love Entrepreneurs

The Love Entrepreneurs is a program designed to help entrepreneurial couples navigate the sometimes relationship devastating waters of running a business and family.  We are devoted to the saving of marriages and families.  Through our one week makeover - Love Connection 101, our work at home marriage improvement course Bankruptcy Proofing Your Marriage, or our various Entrepreneurial Coaching levels we have a marriage enhancement program that is the right fit for you.

As friends and fans of David's work and his passion, we are pleased to provide you with these resources to enhance your marriage as you enhance your wealth.

To access the promised book, audio, and video content complete the form below and you will receive your gift.  

Wishing you the greatest of love and success,  Don't Let Business Bankrupt The Family.

Brett M. Judd MSW


Marriage enhancement resources for David Phelps Freedom Founder Members


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