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Keeping Love Strong Even During Separation

Lets face it, entrepreneurial life means travel.  Business meetings, sales conventions, you name it, there is travel.  Some couples manage to make it into a retreat, a mini business paid vacation, but that is not the case for every couple or every trip. 

Times of separation can be a real drain on the relationship, especially when there is already discord.  Any tension or sense of disconnection can lead to a greater "abandonment" feeling when one of you is gone.  It may be no surprise to you that when one partner leaves for any period of time regardless of the reason the remaining partner can feel betrayed and abandoned - especially if they do not fully understand the need for and the rationale for the trip.  There are several things you can do to assist in keeping the relationship tight. 

Whlile I have known a few couples who manage the distance quite well, generally this travel and separation have a negative effect on the relatiopnship.  It is not uncommon to hear that the spouse who is always at home feels abondoned and jealous when they are left again to care for the home, the kids, and the business.  This can lead to resentment and hurt such that when the traveler returns there is loss of accessibility and engagement.  

For the traveler, the long nights alone in new towns and lonely hotel rooms can be mind numbingly boring.  Without routine and discipline, many have found solice in clubs, bars, "companions", or endless T.V.  While not every traveler turns to the vice of boose or sex to get through the trip and the bordom of the hotel, many have.  Successful travel can easily be done with just a few simple actions.

First, connect daily and often with home and your spouse.  Text, calls, emails, flowers sent while yu are away can all add up to major connection savers.

Next, get into a travel routine and keep it.  Walk, work out, read, take videos on a tablet or computer to enjoy, but don't just hit the room and do nothing.  Having a routine will keep you from getting bored and distracted.

Fianlly, decide before yo leave that you will make the most of the trip to make the separation worth it.  Have lofty goals to reach for so that you are constantly working toward something.

Bonus - Take your spouse as often as you can.  Make it a retreat, planned for get away.   

A recent article in ZeeNews India ( about Kate Hudson's methods for connection point to several great ones.

1. "Keep times apart short.  No more than two weeks apart."  Now, we think that is a long time, but we get it.  In some industries it can not be helped.  The main issue is that they have made it a priority to stay close and to stay at home as much as possible.

2. "Regular Date Nights".  You won't be surprised to see that one and to know that we are one hundred percent behind it.  Regular date nights, planned and executed. are a critical component to a healthy relationship. 

3. "Make time to just hang out and be together".  We have all heard the numerous variations of "A Family That .... Together, Stays Together" and Ms. Hudson has found that one to be true as well for the marriage and the kids.

Helping you kep the business and marriage strong,

Brett And Gina Judd
The Love Entrepreneurs. 

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