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Is Polyamory Possible In A Lasting Relationship?

Polyamory - more than one romantic partners.Love Connection Banner

An intriguing article suggests that it is very possible to have multiple romantic relationships and remain faithful to them all.  Looking like the polygamous relationships of many cultures outside the US, polyamory holds that there is no scarcity to love and that if there is an open agreement and understanding by all partners, romantic love can flourish.

The article goes on to lay out the ground rules for multiple partner romantic relationships.

While we agree on the premise that love is not scare and the ability to have romantic relationships with more than one person is possible, it can lead to devastating consequences unless everyone is equally on board.  

Remaining monogamous is the best practice for a long and lasting relationship.  

One of the great dangers in an entrepreneurial relationship is the confusion of like and love, and strong attraction to co-workers, mastermind partners, and clients.  Jealousy and other emotional entanglements can greatly impair the functionality of any multiple partner relationships.  Juggling the needs of multiple partners can be more difficult than juggling the demands of business and relationship.  One of the reasons we encourage couples to participate in and to have Bankruptcy Proof Marriage loaded into the CD player is so that focus and affections are maintained in the marriage relationship.  When that is strong, nothing can entice the eye and desire.  When bankruptcy of the home accounts is setting in many things can become potential "affair" material - even working more, longer nights, or more trips.  

Why affairs happen to entrepreneurs so easily.

In the book Anatomy Of An Entrepreneurial Divorce I outline the slippery slope that entrepreneurs find themselves on easily.  If you have not received your copy, you can get it at the home page.  Essentially, romance and affection are not singular to our one chosen partner.  Love can and does grow for many in our life.  When we are spending more time and energy with others away from our spouse, the attention and admiration they give can quickly become confused with affection and attraction.  Start spending more time with them and less attention and time with your spouse and the scale quickly tips. 

Polyamory - outside of any religiously held practice - is no good

Why would we qualify it like that?  Because when we have religious beliefs backing our actions, we see incredible feats occur.  We see this throughout history with religiously motivated wars and atrocities done in the name of a god.  In these such mental and emotional, even spiritual environments, we are capable of defying normal logical accepted behavior.  The idea of polyamory is no different.  Couples remain monogamous for spiritual reason, people avoid alcohol and other physical vices for religious reasons, and romance is not separate from it.

In the end, monogamy is the safest policy for happiness in the marriage.  Not just being married to, but deeply attached to and devoted to one partner.  This will bring lasting happiness and entrepreneurial drive.  

#DontLetBusinessBankruptTheFamily and don't let polyamory creep into your love life.

Brett M. Judd MSW and Gina H. Judd LPC
The Love Entrepreneurs - Where Love and Business Thrive

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